Get Your Game On: Indoor Style!


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At Wanasum, we believe that indoor gaming is more than just a pastime; it's a thriving culture that promotes teamwork, creativity, and imagination-pushing. We have options for all types of gamers, from casual players to die-hard devotees of a particular genre.

Indoor Games: The Source of Lifelong Memories!


In indoor darts, the goal is to score points by aiming tiny, sharp darts at the round board's numbered sections. In order to hit the targets, players need to use skill, attention, and precision. This game is entertaining and captivating for players of all skill levels because it blends strategy and precision. You can enjoy it at home in company.


In the game Ludo, players must use both strategy and luck as they attempt to outwit their rivals by making decisions based on the results of their dice rolls. It is a well-liked option for get-togethers, family game nights, and informal competitions because it offers endless amusement and amicable competition.


On the chessboard, there are never more than two players. While having fun, players must apply strategy and tactics. Playing chess demands a high level of mental focus. Your brain has to work hard because of this. There's a good chance that indoor games will become competitive.


A 60-foot-long, 39-board polished wood or synthetic lane is used for bowling. To hit the ten clubs arranged in a triangle at the end of the path, you must push the ball along the path. To score as many points as they can, players try to get hits—throw all the clubs in one throw—or spares—throw all the clubs in two throws.

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